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Quiz 1 Review Guide - Definition of Cultural Relativism...

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Quiz 1 Review Guide Review your lecture notes and reading assignments on the following: Introduction to Social and Ethical Issues (EMC, Chapter 1) (Difference between morals and ethics, ethics imperative, etc.) Ethics and Society (EMC, Chapter 2) (Why society needs a system of ethics, ethical obligations ,etc.) Ethics and Moral Reasoning (EMC, Chapter 3) (Ethical principles, values, branches of ethics, etc.) Potter Box and S.A.D. Models of Ethical Analysis (Components of the ethical reasoning process, etc.) What is Morality (Rachels, Chapter 1) "An Infant With no Prospects: Baby Theresa" (The Benefits Analysis vs. the Wrongness Argument in Moral Decision Making, Using People as Means and Sanctity of Life arguments) Moral Reasoning and Impartiality Minimum conception of morality The Challenge of Cultural Relativism (Rachels, Chapter 2) How different societies have different moral codes
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Unformatted text preview: Definition of Cultural Relativism Consequecnes of the Cultural Relativist position How all cultures have some values in common Judging Cultural Practices What can be learned from Cultural Relativism Subjectisim in Ethics (Rachels, Chapter 3) The basic idea of Ethical Subjectivism Difference between Emotivism and Simple Subjectivism What constitutes a "moral truth"? Proof in Ethics Main Arguments against the moral subjectivist positiion Does Morality Depend on Religion (Rachels, Chapter 4) Divinde Command Theory Natural Law Theory Christianity and The Problem of Abortion Psychological Egoism (Rachels, Chapter 5) Is Unselfisness Possible Self-Interest vs. Selfishness Arguments for and Against Psychological Egoism The Deepest Error of Psychological Egoism Ethical Egoism (Rachels, Chapter 6) The Arguments in Favor of Ethical Egoism Three Arguments Against Ethical Egoism...
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Quiz 1 Review Guide - Definition of Cultural Relativism...

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