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Quiz 2 Review Guide Review your lecture notes and reading assignments on the following: (Truth, EMC, Chapter 4) Why telling the truth is important, distinction between lying and deception, justifications for deception. (Privacy, EMC, Chapter 5) Reasons why we value of privacy, four torts of privacy, special areas of concern, four fundamental vaues for an ethics of privacy. (Confidentiality, EMC, Chapter 6) Three circumstances from which confidential relationship arise Arguments for and against confidentiality. (Conflicts of Interest, EMC, Chapter 7) Types of conflicts of interest and three methods dealing with them.
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Unformatted text preview: (Economic Pressures and Social Responsibility, EMC Chapter 8) Three media trends that threaten the public interest Review my lecture notes on: Rachels 5 and 6: Psychological Egoism and Ethical Egoism – know the difference between the two. Rachels 7: understand the utilitarian approach. Rachels 8: main counter-arguments to utilitarianism. Rachels 9: understand the concept of moral absolutes and the arguments against them. Rachels 10: Kant and the Respect for Persons - Retributivism vs. Utility in Punishment for Crimes...
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