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Teleconference Topics February 26: U.S. vs. Europe: The War on Iraq (G1) Is the U.S seeking world hegemony or is it simply doing what it thinks isbest for the rest of the world? Is the U.S. justified in using force as a bargaining tool or should it confine itself to a diplomatic approach? What should be the role of NATO? How are the Belgian media portraying the U.S. in this regard? How do Americans feel about European reticence to support Bush s plans for war against Iraq and what are the U.S. media saying about Europe and Belgians? March 26 : Racial Profiling (G4) Racial Profiling: A negative stigma has been placed on Middle Easterners post 9/11. Is our government and the public just being cautious or is it racist? What perceptions does our practice of racial profiling create of the U.S. abroad? Are other countries also practicing racial profiling? What controversies does this generate there? What do minority groups in each country say about racial profiling?
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