ANAT 1502 Embryology Midterm

ANAT 1502 Embryology Midterm - 1. During spermatogenesis,...

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1. During spermatogenesis, when is the first meiotic division completed in a male? A. Just before ejaculation B. Immediately after entering a mature oocyte C. Just before puberty D. Before birth 2. During week two, name the solid layer tissue that surrounds most of the amnion and yolk sac. A. deciduas reaction B. inner cytotrophoblast C. intraembryonic mesoderm D. extraembryonic mesoderm 3. Where does the primordial blood cells of a 3-week-old embryo first begin to form? A. on the yolk sac B. allantois C. in the liver D. embryonic disc 4. What is the first sign of gasturlation? A. appearance of primitive elevation B. appearance of the notocord C. appearance of the primitive streak D. disappearance of the primitive streak 5. Freshly ejaculated sperm is NOT capable of fertilizing an oocyte because it is? A. Not haploid B. Not capacitated C. Immature D. Morphologically abnormal 6. Before implantation, what must first happen? A. zona pellucida disappears B. bilaminar disc appears C. trophoblast layer differentiates D. prochordal plate appears 7. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin helps maintain? A. Corpus luteum B. Corpus albicans C. Cloaca D. Closing plug 8. What are the two layers of the bilaminar disc? C. cytotrophoblast & epiblast 9. What is the name for the embryonic stage w/inner cell mass and outer cell layer? A. neurula B. trophoblast C. blastocyst D. Morula 10. Which will give rise to the definitive ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm? A. trophoblast B.hypoblast C. cytotrophoblast D. epiblast
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11. During spermatogenesis, which replicates by mitosis? A. Spermatogonia
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ANAT 1502 Embryology Midterm - 1. During spermatogenesis,...

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