ANAT 1502 Embryology Practice Exam 1 Answers

ANAT 1502 Embryology Practice Exam 1 Answers -...

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Embryology Test #1 Key 1) Just b4 puberty 2) Extraembryonic mesoderm 3) Allantois (this is what the test key had in bold) but it forms IN the yolk sac (test option was “on the yolk sac”) . U b the judge. 4) Appearance of the primitive streak 5) Not capacitated 6) Trophoblast layer differentiates into Synctiotrophoblasts 7) Corpus luteum 9) Blastocyst 10)Epiblast 11)Spermatogonia 12)W/in the perivitelline space 13)Core of extraembryonic mesoderm covered by a layer of cytotrophoblast 14)Notochord process 15)Inner cell mass …aka…embryoblast 16)@ fertilization 17)Lateral mesoderm 18)Just b4 birth 19)Trophoblast 20)@ fertilization
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Unformatted text preview: 21)Endometrial 22)Morula 23)Paraxial mesoderm…aka…notochord 24)Cleavage 25)Luteinizing Hormone 26)Notocord 27)Acrosome 28)Spinal cord & brain…aka. .neural plate/tube 29)Neural plate 30)Chorionic Cavity 31)Diffusion 32)Basal 33)23, Y 34)Pronuclei 35)Blastomeres 36)Zygote 37)Syncytiotrophoblast 38)Trophoblast 39)Notocord 40)Syncytiotrophoblast 41)Nondisjunction 42)Vagina 43)Blastomeres 44)Yolk sac 45)Dorsal edge of neural fold 46)Meiosis 47)Epiblast 48)@ ovulation 49)Prophase 1 st division 50)Connecting stalk 51)Exocoelomic layer 52)Secondary spermatocytes 53)Mesenchyme 54)Primitive streak 55)Zona pellucida...
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ANAT 1502 Embryology Practice Exam 1 Answers -...

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