CPAP 1502 Chapter 3, 5, 6 Terms

CPAP 1502 Chapter 3, 5, 6 Terms - Medical Terminology...

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Unformatted text preview: Medical Terminology Chapter 5: Cardiovascular & Lymphatic Systems Combining forms angi/o vessel (usually blood or lymph) angi/o/graphy=x-ray visualization of internal anatomy of the heart & blood vessels after the intravascular introduction of a contrast medium aort/o aorta aort/o/stenosis- narrowing of the aorta arteri/o artery arteri/o/scler/osis- disorder characterized by thickening, loss of elasticity, and calcification of arterial walls ather/o fatty plaque ather/oma- fatty degeneration or thickening of the larger arterial walls, as occurs in atherosclerosis arti/o atrium atri/o/ventricul/ar-pertaining to the atrium & ventricle cardi/o heart cardi/o/mealy-enlargement of the heart phleb/o vein phleb/itis- inflammation of a vein thromb/o blood clot thromb/o/lysis-breaking up of a thrombus lysis- separation; destruction; loosening vas/o vessel; vas deferens; duct vas/o/spasm- spasm of a blood vessel Spasm- involuntary contraction, twitching vascul/o vessel vascul/ar- pertaining to or composed of blood vessels ven/o vein ven/ous- pertaining to the veins or blood passing though them. - ous- pertaining to, relating to ventricul/o ventricle (of heart or brain) inter/ventricul/ar- within ventricle agglutin/o clumping, gluing agglutin/ation- process of cells clumping together aden/o gland aden/o/pathy- swelling and morbid change in lymph nodes; glandular disease lymph/o lymph lymph/o/poiesis- formation of lymphocytes or of lymphoid tissue. - poieses : formation, production lymphaden/o lymph gland (node) lymphaden/itis- inflammation of 1 or more lymph nodes, usually caused by a primary focus of infection elsewhere ITB lymphangi/o lymph vessel tympani/oma- tumor composed of lymphatic vessels splen/o spleen splen/o/mealy- enlargement of the spleen immune/o immune, immunity, safe immune/o/gen- producing immunity. gen- forming, producing, origin phag/o swallowing, eating phag/o/cyte- cell that surrounds, engulfs, and digests microorganisms and cellular debris thym/o thymus gland thym/oma- usually benign tumor of the thymus gland cerebr/o cerebrum hem/o blood my/o muscle necr/o death, necrosis sclera/o hardening; sclera (white of eye) Suffixes-cardia heart condition tachy/cardia- rapid heart rate-gram record, writing electr/o/cardi/o/gram-record of electrical heart activity-graph instrument for recording electr/o/cardi/o/graph-instrument for recording electrical activity of the heart electr/o : electricity-graphy process of recording electr/o/cardi/o/graphy-process of recording activity of the heart-ic pertaining to, relating to trans/aort/ic- surgical procedure performed through the aorta. - trans-: through, across-stenosis narrowing, stricture arteri/o/stenosos- narrowing of an artery-um structure, thing endo/cardi/um- structure within the heart-phylaxis protection ana/phylaxis- extreme allergic reaction characterized by a rapid decrease in BP, breathing difficulties, hives, & abdominal cramps....
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CPAP 1502 Chapter 3, 5, 6 Terms - Medical Terminology...

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