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Everyone’s definition of college success or success, in general, may differ based on their respective professional and personal goals, beliefs, perspectives & inner drives. I believe that college success is defined by a student’s ability to utilize his or her journey to accomplish at least the following goals: 1.Seeking knowledge or trying to learn a specific skill while gaining an accredited degree from a well-reputed university. 2.Pursue public service by reaching out to students in need and to provide them with a nurturing environment where many can prosper. How will I define college success? I have started to create a fully immersive experience for myself and integrated it into my daily routine. This means investing in a work station, allocating enough alone time to focus on my tasks and deliverables, and having the discipline to work hard and progress patiently, one day at a time. I believe that utilizing all the resources available on the University of the Peoples “Student Portal” is the
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