ANAT 1503 Epithelium Classification

ANAT 1503 Epithelium Classification - Duodenum and jejunum...

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Epithelium Organ System Functions: S. Squamous Glomerular Capillares-(Kidneys) Urinary System S. Squamous Bowman's Capsules (Kidneys) Urinary System S. Squamous Loop of Henle (Kidneys) Urinary System S. Squamous Alveoli Resp Syst S. Squamous Blood Vessel Circulatory Syst S. Squamous Alveolar (gases exchange) Resp Syst S. Squamous Heart Circulatory Syst Functions: S.Cuboidal Proximal Convulated tubule (kidneys) Urinary System S.Cuboidal Distal convulated tubule (kidneys) Urinary System S.Cuboidal Thyroid Gland (follicles) Endocrine Syst. S.Cuboidal Terminal Respiratory Respiratory Syst S.Cuboidal Mammary gland (follicles) Functions: S. Columnar Collecting duct (kidneys) Urinary System S. Columnar Fundus (Top Part) Digestive Syst S. Columnar Body (middle part) Digestive Syst S. Columnar Pyloric Stomach (Botton Part) Digestive Syst S. Columnar Small Intestine (Globet Cells)- ileum, Digestive Syst
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Unformatted text preview: Duodenum and jejunum S. Columnar Villi S. Columnar Gall Bladder S. Columnar Lung, Bronchioles Respiratory Syst S. Columnar Large Intestine = Cecum, ascending Digestive Syst colon, transverse colon, descending colon, Sigmoid colon (pelvic colon) S. Columnar Prostate gland (follicles) S. Columnar Submandibular gland Ciliated S. Columnar Uterine tube Urinary System Functions: Wear and Tear Stratified Squamous Palatine, Tonsil Digestive Sys Stratified Squamous Skin Epidermis Digestive Sys Stratified Squamous Cornea Stratified Squamous Oral Cavity Digestive Sys Stratified Squamous Esophagus Digestive Sys Stratified Squamous Mouth Stratified Squamous Lips Functions: Protection Pseudostratified Trachea (ciliated) Respiratory Syst Pseudostratified Bronchi Respiratory Syst Pseudostratified Tempano Pseudostratified Male Urethra Prepared by: Andres Jimenez 11/1/2005...
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