ANAT 1503 Week 7 Notes Exam 2

ANAT 1503 Week 7 Notes Exam 2 - CTP- Connective Tissue...

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Unformatted text preview: CTP- Connective Tissue Proper Review Lose connective tissue = areolar which gives skin fexibility Flls in the small spaces Three Types o ibers 1. Collagen Fbers most numerous in all directions 2. Elastic Fbers are present and visible 3. reticular Fbers are present but you cannot see them unless they are stained with silver nitrate Cell s: Types o Growth ixed cells 1. ibrocytes aka Fbroblast= produce Fbers and ground substances and you can view them 2. adipose cells may be present bounded by reticular Fbers you CANT see them 3. histiocytes: unction in phagocytosis these cells can wonder Wandering cells 1. White blood cells and plasma cells rom blood 2. mast cells produce + heparin: anticoagulant + histamine: vasodilator + serotonin: vasoconstrictor Location 1. Mesentaries 2. Omenta peritoneal veils connecting and supporting viscera 3. Hypodermis A. Dense CTP> concentration o Fbers than loose CTP 1. Dense Irregular CTP: Make up dermal layer 2. Purple Fbrocytes visible 3. ound in dermis and under epithelium o urinary tract B. Dense Regular CTP 1. light Yellow collagen Fvers ound in dense wavy parallel bundles 2. ibrocytes visible as thin purple streaks 3. Gives tensile strength to resist pulling 4. LOCATIONS + tendons with regular arrangment o Fbers (Muscle to bone) + ligaments less regular Fber arrangment (bone to bone) CTP with special properties A: Reticular CTP 1. dark Fbers with silver nitrate stain (argyrophillic) 1....
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ANAT 1503 Week 7 Notes Exam 2 - CTP- Connective Tissue...

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