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Melissa Rubinstein PPBM 1501 1. a. Provide the name of the practice and the name of the owner of the practice. The name of the practice is “Frase Chiropractic” The owner of the practice is Doctor David Shapiro b. The employees are: Arleen Shapiro- Office Manager and Insurance billing Elizabeth Robinson- Front Desk Carol Gordon- Patient Support Vicky Steiner- Part-time insurance billing PEAK student c. List location of the practice, length of time in business, website, and office hours. The practice is located at 2347 Brockett Road Tucker, Georgia 30084 Dr. Shapiro has owned and operated this office for 6 and half years. The website is http://www.frasechiropractic.com/ The office hours are Monday thru Thursday 9-6 and Friday 9-1 2. What was the philosophy of the practice? Please describe the practice’s philosophic and clinical intent, include a mission statement. The Mission statement of the practice is “to enhance the quality of life for as many families as possible through improving spinal integrity and education.” The clinical intent of this practice is to correct spinal posture rather than to focus on segmental subluxation. Dr. Shapiro described himself as a mixer using CBP (Clinical Biomechanics of Posture) as his main technique in the clinic. 3. Please describe in detail the forms of marketing/advertising the office used to attract new patients?
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This office was purchased from someone else 6 ½ years ago, coming with patients. Now the clinic uses two forms of marketing to gain new patients, internal and external. Internally the practice relies heavily on patient referrals as well as sending out an e-newsletter to patients. The e-newsletters are sent to all patients and patients are encouraged to forward them to family and friends. The second is external marketing where they meet with attorneys and medical physicians to get referrals of patients. Lastly they participate at corporate health fairs doing spinal screenings, educate employees about chiropractic and solicit new patients. No other marketing tools are used to attract new patients. 4. Did you notice a clear and defined system for office procedures? List and describe the systems you observed.
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PPBM 1501 Class Project - Melissa Rubinstein PPBM 1501 1....

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