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TECH 2701 Helpful Hints Quiz 3 Reading Assignment

TECH 2701 Helpful Hints Quiz 3 Reading Assignment - If you...

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Reading for Quiz 3 looks like a lot, but don't panic. Skip 181-197, the point of it is that head/neck position may change the appearance of the subluxation on film but it does not change the subluxation. Skip past pages 211-247 (36 pages). Take a glance at the pictures on pages 217, 219, 237 and 247 it may help you gain perspective of the upper cervical listings and their potential impact on the neural canal. Once you get the point of interlocking vertebra starting on page 251 fast forward to page 292 (40 pages). So that's 99 pages off this would be monstrous reading assignment. (Say Thanks, Dr. Franz to let me know you read this stuff, smile too) Swanberg is a big question item, why is he in this book?
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Unformatted text preview: If you don’t read anything else by all means read Chapter Nine. Chapter 9 is without question the best! Draw yourself a bubble bath, light some fragrant candles, dim the lights, relax, sip on your favorite wine and allow yourself to become imbued with all of chapter nine. For everyone else perhaps you can light a cigar, pour yourself a glass of single malt scotch, light the fireplace, pet the dog and relax in your favorite arm chair to allow your mind some room for the information in chapter nine. Chapter 9 has some great analogies to help explain some of what goes on in chiropractic to be used when talking with a patient. Enjoy....
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