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ANAT 1507 C1 Vertebra Study - • No articular pillar...

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Atypical Cervicals C1 aka: Atlas 2 primary ossification centers: right and left lateral masses 1 secondary ossification center: anterior arch Anterior Arch Anterior tubercle of anterior arch: midline elevation on anterior surface Fovea dentis: articulating facet on posterior surface Posterior Arch Posterior tubercle of posterior arch: midline elevation on post surf Arcuate rim: elevated line/ridge of bone on superior surface Sulcus for the vertebral artery posterior to lateral mass Inferior vertebral notch: post to inferior articular process Ponticulus Posticus Bony bridge (ossified ligament) over the sulcus for the vertebral artery Arcuate Foramen Foramen formed by posterior arch and ponticulus posticus (not called sulcus for vertebral artery when pp present) Lateral Mass • Unites anterior and posterior arches
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Unformatted text preview: • No articular pillar Includes: • Superior articular process • Inferior articular process • Tubercle for atlantal ligament Superior Articular Process Elliptical in shape Facet: • Faces BUM • Concave • Long oval or peanut shape Inferior Articular Process Short oval column Facet: • Faces BMD • Flattened or slightly concave • Short oval to circle shape Tubercle for the Transverse Atlantal Ligament On medial surface of lateral mass connects tubercles, making a place for dens to rotate in Transverse Process • Costal element reduced in size • Small or absent anterior tubercle • True transverse process and posterior tubercle • Transverse foramen: largest of all cervical vertebrae C1 Vertebra...
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