ANAT 1507 C2 Vertebra Study

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C2 Aka Axis or Epistropheus 5 primary centers of ossification: Centrum Neural arches (right and left) Odontoid process (right and left) 2 secondary centers of ossification: Inferior epiphyseal rim Apex of the odontoid process A. Vertebral Body 1. Longus Colli Attachment: depression lateral to midline crest on anterior surface of vert body 2. Inferior Epiphyseal Rim: anterior and posterior lips and lateral grooves B. Odontoid Process aka: Dens Peg-like mass projecting superior from the vert body 1. Facet for the Fovea Dentis: on anterior surface of odontoid process 2. Sulcus for the Transverse Atlantal Ligament: posterior-inferior surface of odontoid process 3. Attachment Site for Apical Ligament: at apex of odontoid process 4. Attachment Site for Alar Ligament: along the posterior- lateral border of odontoid process C. Pedicle Superiorly, covered by the superior articular process and
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Unformatted text preview: facet, seen on inferior aspect 1. Superior Vertebral Notch: slight; located posterior to superior articular process; nerves emerge behind zygapophyseal joint 2. Inferior Vertebral Notch: large; located anterior to inferior articular process D. Articular Process No articular pillar 1. Superior Articular Process large but short a. Facet: asymmetrical and convex; BUL Atypical orientation which enhances mobility, sacrifices stability 2. Inferior Articular Process typical for cervical region a. Facet: Typical for cervical region (FoLD) E. Lamina Massive, thicker more heavily built than typical, but otherwise typical for cervical region F. Transverse Process Similar to that of C1 (reduced costal element, reduced or absent anterior tubercle) G. Spinous Process Large and always bifid...
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