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ANAT 1507 C7 Vertebra Study

ANAT 1507 C7 Vertebra Study - absent Vertebral artery skips...

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C7 aka Vertebra Prominens Transitional between cervical and thoracic A. Vertebral Body 1. Superior epiphyseal rim: Typical for cervical Uncinate processes Anterior and posterior grooves 2. Inferior epiphyseal rim: More like that of thoracic No anterior and posterior lips No lateral grooves (or reduced) B Transverse Process 1. True Transverse Process is thick with large a. Posterior Tubercle 2. Costal Element reduced, with small or absent a. Anterior Tubercle 3. Transverse foramen: small, duplicated or
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Unformatted text preview: absent; Vertebral artery skips this foramen, going right to Transverse Foramen of C6 (most notable difference between C7 and other cervicals ) C. Articular Processes • No articular pillar • Facets: • Oriented approx 10 ° from vertical plane 1. Superior Articular Facet: BUM (like C3-C6) 2. Inferior Articular Facet: ForMeD (like Thoracics) D. Spinous Process • Long and horizontal • Never bifid • Large spinous tubercle • Usually Vertebra Prominens...
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  • Vertebra, Cervical vertebrae, Inferior articular facet, Spinous process, Transverse foramen, Pars interarticularis

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