ANAT 1507 Joint Types Tables

ANAT 1507 Joint Types Tables - talocrural 3 pivot monaxial...

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MOVEMENT EXAMPLES A. Fibrous Joints 1. sutures no sutures of skull 2. syndesmoses no distal tibiofibular joint 3. gomphosis no tooth in its socket B. Cartilaginous Joints 1. synchondroses no epiphyseal plates 2. symphyses slight pubic symphysis intervertebral discs C. Synovial Joints 1. gliding monaxial wrist ankle sacroiliac 2. hinge monaxial interphalangeal humeroulnar
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Unformatted text preview: talocrural 3. pivot monaxial radioulnar atlantoaxial 4. ellipsoidal (condyloid) biaxial radiocarpal 5. saddle biaxial 1st carpometacarpal 6. ball-and-socket multiaxial shoulder hip * monaxial: movement around one axis biaxial: movement around two axes multiaxial: movement around more than two axes Author Unknown...
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