ANAT 1507 Joints For Final

ANAT 1507 Joints For Final - 11 hip(coxal Ball and...

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JOINT JOINT TYPE 1- sternoclavicular Saddle (sellar) 2- acromioclavicular Plane 3- shoulder Ball and socket (spheroid) 4- elbow Hinge (ginglymus) 5- radioulnar a) proximal b) middle c) distal a) pivot (trochoid) b) syndesmosis c) pivot (trochoid) 6- wrist None listed 7- intercarpal Gliding 8- carpometacarpal a) of the thumb b) of the medial 4 fingers a) saddle (sellar) b) plane or gliding 9- metacarpalphalangeal ellipsoidal 10- interphalangeal Hinge (ginglymus)
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Unformatted text preview: 11- hip (coxal) Ball and socket (spheroid) 12- knee Gliding & hinge 13- menisci of the knee Allows for rotation 14- tibiofibular a) proximally b) distally a) plane or gliding b) syndesmosis 15- ankle (talocrural) Hinge (ginglymus) 16- intertarsal Gliding 17- tarsometatarsal Gliding 18- intermetatarsal None listed 19- metatarsopharyngeal Ellipsoid 20- interphalangeal Hinge (ginglymus)...
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