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• Lumbars are designed to support the weight of the head, neck, trunk and upper extremeties • 7 secondary centers of ossification: Sup & Inf. Epiphyseal Rims, R&L Transverse Processes, Typical Lumbar Vertebrae (L1-L4) A. Vertebral Body – Reniform in superior view • Posterior height slightly greater than anterior height (L2-L4) • Lateral width increases in size L1-L3; L4 varies, occasionally larger or smaller B. Pedicle – Posterior orientation similar to thoracics • Vertebral Notches/Incisures: Superior vertebral notch is small, Inferior is deep C. Intervertebral Foramen • Faces Lateral • Spinal nerve exiting is IVF is identified according to superior border vertebra D. Lamina • Broad top to bottom • Shingling diminishes L1-L5 E. Vertebral Foramen • Triangular in shape • Smaller than cervicals, larger than thoracics; no cord, cauda equina F. Transverse Process •Projects lateral and slightly posterior from lamina/pedicle junction
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