ANAT 1507 Thoracic Vertebrae Study Guide

ANAT 1507 Thoracic Vertebrae Study Guide - Typical Thoracic...

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A. Vertebral Body 1. Heart-shaped in superior view 2. Posterior height > Anterior height 3. Body size increases going inferior 4. Costal Demi-Facet a. Superior – articulates w/ capitulum of same numbered rib b. Inferior – articulates with capitulum of next rib down 5. Aortic Impression (T5-T8) Flattening on left side of vertebral body. * Distiguishing feature T5-T8 / T2-T4 B. Pedicle 1. Orientation: Posterior w/ slight lateral angulation 2. Arises from upper 1/3 of vertebral body a. Superior Vertebral Notch/Incisure – shallow b. Inferior Vertebral Notch/Incisure – very deep C. Intervertebral Foramen 1, Faces directly lateral, lying within a sagittal plane • Tear drop shaped 2. Spinal nerve exiting IVF named by superior border vertebra D. Lamina 1, Broad superior to inferior; plate-like 2. Shingling – overlapping of laminae, like roof shingles E. Vertebral Foramen 1. Oval to circular in shape 2. Smaller than the cervical or lumbar regions F. Transverse Process 1. Large & club shaped; shorter from T1 – T12
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