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ANAT 1507 UpperLower Extremity Study Guide

ANAT 1507 UpperLower Extremity Study...

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What are the two bones that make up the shoulder gridle? o The clavicle and scapula Where does the conoid ligament attached on the clavicle? Where does the trapezoid ligaments attaches on the clavicle o Conoid – on conoid tuberosity on inferior side o Trapezoid – on traprezoid line on inferior side What is the purpose of the subclavian goove on the anterior surface of clavicle? o Attachment for subclavian muscle What are the functions of the clavicle? o Mobility of extremity o Protects neurovascular bundle entering the arm o Transmits shock to axial skeleton When does the calvicle starts to develop when does it end? o Starts to dev 5 th 6 week of development o Ends around 21 year o Develps by intramembraneous ossification How many borders, angles does the scapula have? o 3 borders – superior, medial, and lateral o 4 angles – superior angel, medial angle, lateral angle, and inferior angle. How many surfaces does the scapular have? o 2 surfaces: Suprascapular fossa on anterior surface (side), and the Supraspinous and Infraspinous fossa on posterior surface (side) What does the acromion of the scapular articulates with? o The clavicle What does the glenoid cavity articulates with? What structure is found above, and under it? o Articulate with humerus
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o Spuragelnoid Tubercle, and infraglenoid tubercle What does the scapular notch allows? o Passage for the suprscapular vessels What does the scapula lies over? o Lies over ribs 2-7 What is the name of the bone that forms the arm? Forearm? o Arm – humerus o Forearm – radius and ulna How many necks does the humerus have? o 2: the anatomical neck, and the surgical neck Which neck of the humerus breaks easily? o The surgical neck What is the gap between the Greater and Lesser tubercle of humerus? o Intertubercular sulcus What side is the trochlea on? Capitumlum? Name their Fossas? o Torchlea is one the medial side – coronoid fossa o Capitulum is on the lateral side – radial fossa What structure can only be seen from the anterior view? What structure can be seen from both anterior and posterior view? o Capitulum can only be seen from the anterior view o Trochlea What is the name of the fossa located on the posterior side of the humerus? o Olecrenon fossa What is nerve that passes through the sulcus located on the medial epicondyle of the humerus? o Ulnar nerve (Funny bone sensation!) Which bone of the forearm is known as the stabilizer? Is it on the medial or lateral side? o The Ulna o Medial side Where is the head of the ulna located? o On the distal end What is the name of the notch located on the proximal end? What does it articular with? o Trochlear notch o Articulates distal end of humerus What structure of the ulna form the elbow?
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ANAT 1507 UpperLower Extremity Study...

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