CHEM 1516 Rules To Remember For Exam 1

CHEM 1516 Rules To Remember For Exam 1 - Liver (Buffers)...

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Unformatted text preview: Liver (Buffers) Fast/Gulp Continuous Glucokinase Muscle (Contracts) Slow/Sip Acute Hexokinase Muscle Glucose ↓ Pyruvate ↑↑Km/Vmax ↓↓ Km/Vmax ↓ Never Saturated Saturates w/ ↓ [Glucose] Lactate (LDH) NO end product inhibition Blood ← Yes Cori → All enzymes REQUIRE Divalent cations (Cofactors) ↑ Energy ↑
[ATP] ↑ [NADH] ETC ↑
[FADH2] ETC ↑ [AcCoA] ↓ Energy ↑
[ADP] ↑ [NAD+] ETC ↑
[FADH] ETC ATP = ADP + Pi Isomerase = name different, P SAME Mutase = name same, P DIFFERENT Dehydrogenase= Make/use NADH Kinase= make/use ATP (Phosphorylates) PhosphoTASE= Removes P PhosphoLASE= Adds P Gibbs Free Energy ITB Std Rxn (dead) 37⁰ 20⁰ GO Favored NOGO NOT ΔG Δ G⁰ Exer (Cata) Ender (Ana) NO Keq Keq = ‹/› 1 ΔG- ΔG+ GO= ›1 (-) ENder Spont. NOT NOGO= ‹1 (+) EXer Make ATP Use ATP ΔG ≠ ΔG⁰ No correlation ΔG=0 Equilibrium Liver Glucose ↑ GNG Pyruvate ↑ Lactate (LDH) UIRE Divalent cations (Cofactors) e = name different, P SAME name same, P DIFFERENT genase= Make/use NADH ke/use ATP (Phosphorylates) sphoTASE= Removes P osphoLASE= Adds P ...
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