CHEM 1516 Practice Exam 1 (#3) Questions

CHEM 1516 Practice Exam 1 (#3) Questions - requires PFK it...

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1. Insulin is _____ and uses glucose, Glucagon is ______ and makes glucose. 2. Why is glucose uptake in the brain, liver and RBC NOT affected by insulin? 3. Brian _____ glucose to get ATP. 4. There are lipids in the CNS. (t/f) 5. Oxidative Phosphorylation takes requires _____ and takes place in the ___________. 6. What is the ONLY anaerobic pathway ITB? 7. Where is most glucose used ITB? 8. Anabolic pathways _____ ATP and Catabolic pathways _____ATP. 9. If something is both Anabolic and Catabolic then it is. 10. What replenishes intermediates in the TCA cycle? 11. Endergonic reactions ______ energy and Exergonic reactions ______ energy. 12. _____ and _____ both have 4 Kcal/Grams. 13. Roughly how much glucose is stored as glycogen? 14. 120gm/day of glucose are used in the body. (t/f) 15. Proteins, Carbs and Fats all go through Glycolysis. (t/f) 16. Does glycolysis require oxygen? 17. Rx#3 is the rate limiting step that
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Unformatted text preview: requires PFK, it is also reversible. (t/f) 18. What enzyme is an allosteric regulatory enzyme? 19. What steps for glycolysis are irreversible? 20. Muscles get oxygen ______ the brain. (Before or After) 21. How many dehydrogenase’s does glycolysis have? 22. Alcohol Dehydrogenase requires NAD. (t/f) 23. What is the net ATP of the Cori Cycle? 24. Does Glycolysis require oxygen and NAD? 25. If coupled reaction is Redox, then the reaction is oxidation (t/f) 26. Every enzyme in glycolysis requires a cofactor (t/f). 27. Pyruvate to lactate is an example or redox. (t.f) 28. What are the four types in enzymes in glycolysis? 29. Where is ATP used most ITB? 30. Kinase always uses or makes ATP. 31. What cells don’t need glucose? 32. Every enzyme in Glycolysis requires and heavy metal. (t/f) 33. When will Glucokinase slow down?...
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