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CHEM 1516 Practice Exam FINAL (#3)

CHEM 1516 Practice Exam FINAL (#3) - Biochem 2 Final...

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Biochem 2 Final Exam (Practice questions from Shimon) 1. Name the a-Keto acids in TCA cycle. a. a-KG (glutamate), OAA (aspartic acid), Pyruvate (Analine) i. non-essential Amino Acids CAN be made by adding Nitrogen to any of them 2. What in TCA is capable of Transanimation? a. Pyruvate, a-KG and OAA 3. What do we eat to get Nitrogen? a. Protein i. ITB Nitrogen is NOT stored 4. The process for how we make non-standard AA in the body? a. transanimation; AKA De Novo* 5. What is the end product of protein metabolism? a. Urea i. takes place in the liver 6. Which enzyme makes Glutamine? a. Glutamine synthase i. Glutamate Glutamine (using glutamine synthase.) ii. Glutamase is used to go back to Glutamate 7. (T/F) Glucogenic Amino Acids have the ability to be turned into glucose and vise versa. a. FALSE i. Glucogenic AA Glucose (can’t go backwards) ii. Alanine Pyruvate GNG Glucose 8. What would turn an a-Keto Acid to a non-essential A.A? a. Nitrogen 9. Leucine & Lysine are exclusively ______ Amino acids.
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a. ketogenic i. leucine = non-essential, Lysine= essential 10. What is the carbon skeleton for Glutamate? a. a-KG i. when N is added it turns to Glutamate 11. The removal or NH3 from Glutamate to get α-KG requires what enzyme? a. glutamate dehydrogenase 12. What tissue/s use the glucose/alanine cycle to get rid of NH3? a. MUSCLE ONLY! i. also use glutamate/glutamine cycle 13. (T/F) Transanimation and Deanimation are both reversible?
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CHEM 1516 Practice Exam FINAL (#3) - Biochem 2 Final...

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