CPAP 1605 Chiropractic History Final Exam (Updated Fall 10)

CPAP 1605 Chiropractic History Final Exam (Updated Fall 10)...

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Carl Cleveland : o Cleveland Chiropractic College is founded in Kansas City, MO o Begins four generation Cleveland dynasty o Carl Cleveland, III Current president of CCC-KC/LA 1951 - Fred Illi , DC, UCC 27, of Geneva o 1 st cineradiography of spinal column/pelvis o 1 st scientific documentation of SI movement 1970 - ICA helps fund Dr. Chung-Ha Suh (PhD) o Biomechanics researcher at University of Colorado o ICA asks Suh to look at nerve compression caused by altered spinal joint biomechanics o Suh, with ICA support, pursues NIH (federal) funding o Receives 1st federal chiropractic research grant o Makes certain concessions (takes interdisciplinary approach and researches SMT, not VSC) o NINDS Conference on The Research Status of SMT Bethesda, MD 1975 concludes there is not enough research to determine the validity of chiropractic 1964 - George Goodheart, DC develops Applied Kinesiology Technique o Observed postural distortion is often associated with the muscles that fail to meet the demands of specific muscle tests o Elicited improved muscle function/postural balance following manual mobilization of palpable, tender nodules at muscle origins/insertions o Related specific muscle dysfunction to specific organ/gland dysfunction Dr. Fred Rubel o 1 st African American Chiropractor o Founds Rubel College of Chiropractic in Chicago, IL NCM invented by Dossa Evans (a PSC student) o Supposed to help find the hotbox o PSC leases NCMs for $300/month o 1926 Lincoln Chiropractic College: 4 of BJ s top faculty disagree on NCM requirement. They resign and state LCofChiro in Indianapolis, Indiana. o 1929 PSC still has steady income from the NCM leases.
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1925: o BJ forms Chiropractic Health Bureau (CHB) Legal defense of straight Chiropractors CHB merges w/becomes ICA on Sept. 4, 1925 BJ resigns from UCA, becomes president of ICA Knee chest table is developed Upper cervical emphasis drives changes in equipment Knee-chest table ideal for PSC s toggle-recoil adjustment NCM and HIO continue to alienate many supporters 1929 NCA (national Chiropractic association) formed by ACA/UCA merger o NCA considered to be the 4 th ACA When were chiropractors exempt from the draft? Korean war John Nugent, DC - NCA Director of Education o The Abraham Flexner of the chiropractic profession o Worked for 35 years to upgrade chiropractic education o Became the most hated man in the profession These states and their role in Chiropractic profession for matching: Kansas: o Minimum educational requirement: High school diploma. (BJ has problems with this one cause many people were career changers o One year in Chiro school o Specific state-required courses o All state statutes arise from Kansas Act. Louisiana
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CPAP 1605 Chiropractic History Final Exam (Updated Fall 10)...

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