CPAP 1605 Chiropractic History Midterm #2

CPAP 1605 Chiropractic History Midterm #2 - History of...

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History of Chiropractic Midterm The 1 st Chiro adjustment: Ryans building, brady street Iowa. o September 18, 1895 o “I held pressure on the bump, this did not work so I whacked it, and two minutes later, Harvey could hear a watch ticking a foot and a half from his ear.” o Harvey Lillard had been deaf for 17 years o Quad City Times reports it (many years later) as the “crack heard round the world” Daniel David Palmer: o Born March 7, 1845 in Port Perry, Canada o Just west of Toronto (Canada ʼ s western frontier at that time) o 1898 – DD accepts students into chiropractic o Establishes Dr. Palmer ʼ s Chiropractic School and Cure on the 4 th Foor of the Ryan Building at the corner of Brady and Second in Davenport Iowa DD ʼ s most signiFcant early students their contributions: o 1st student = Leroy Baker o 1st graduate = William A. Seeley (MD) o 1st mixer = A.P. Davis, MD, DO o Minora Paxon = 1st woman DC; teaches obstetrics @ Langworthy ʼ s school in cedar rapids o Solon Langworthy -- DD ʼ s early nemesis, mixer. o ±ee $500/ 6 mo course o BJ-> Jan. 6 1902 graduates (19 yrs old) BJ Palmer born: o Developer of Chiropractic- Sept. 1882-1961 o Actually named Joshua Bartlett Palmer! o BJ claims September 10, 1881 (older than Mabel?) o Considered to have an abusive relationship w/ DD 1874 Osteopathy founded by A.T. Still, BE±ORE CHIROPRACTIC. (1909) BJ gets X-ray and begins to take Spinographs o Spinography: Severe conditions not conducive. o Low voltage leads made a ±ull Spine X-ray take 30 minutes! 1932 – Warren Sausser, DC develops the single exposure full spine X-ray o ±ull spine ²lms become so widely used by chiropractors that, in the ʼ 50s, the syndicated game show “To Tell The Truth” once had three contestants on stage with their full spine ²lms in front of them, each claiming to be “Miss Perfect Posture” Imhotep (mhotep) – the “Great Physician” o Took care of the body and mind o Devoid of drugs, primarily magical/religious nature.
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Hippocrates 420 B.C. o
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CPAP 1605 Chiropractic History Midterm #2 - History of...

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