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CPAP 1605 Chiropractic History Midterm #2

CPAP 1605 Chiropractic History Midterm #2 - History of...

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History of Chiropractic Midterm The 1 st Chiro adjustment: Ryans building, brady street Iowa. o September 18, 1895 o “I held pressure on the bump, this did not work so I whacked it, and two minutes later, Harvey could hear a watch ticking a foot and a half from his ear.” o Harvey Lillard had been deaf for 17 years o Quad City Times reports it (many years later) as the “crack heard round the world” Daniel David Palmer: o Born March 7, 1845 in Port Perry, Canada o Just west of Toronto (Canada ʼ s western frontier at that time) o 1898 – DD accepts students into chiropractic o Establishes Dr. Palmer ʼ s Chiropractic School and Cure on the 4 th floor of the Ryan Building at the corner of Brady and Second in Davenport Iowa DD ʼ s most significant early students their contributions: o 1st student = Leroy Baker o 1st graduate = William A. Seeley (MD) o 1st mixer = A.P. Davis, MD, DO o Minora Paxon = 1st woman DC; teaches obstetrics @ Langworthy ʼ s school in cedar rapids o Solon Langworthy -- DD ʼ s early nemesis, mixer. o Fee $500/ 6 mo course o BJ-> Jan. 6 1902 graduates (19 yrs old) BJ Palmer born: o Developer of Chiropractic- Sept. 1882-1961 o Actually named Joshua Bartlett Palmer! o BJ claims September 10, 1881 (older than Mabel?) o Considered to have an abusive relationship w/ DD 1874 Osteopathy founded by A.T. Still, BEFORE CHIROPRACTIC. (1909) BJ gets X-ray and begins to take Spinographs o Spinography: Severe conditions not conducive. o Low voltage leads made a Full Spine X-ray take 30 minutes! 1932 – Warren Sausser, DC develops the single exposure full spine X-ray o Full spine films become so widely used by chiropractors that, in the ʼ 50s, the syndicated game show “To Tell The Truth” once had three contestants on stage with their full spine films in front of them, each claiming to be “Miss Perfect Posture” Imhotep (mhotep) – the “Great Physician” o Took care of the body and mind o Devoid of drugs, primarily magical/religious nature.
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Hippocrates 420 B.C.
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