CPAP 1605 Chiropractic History Midterm

CPAP 1605 Chiropractic History Midterm - Chiropractic...

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Chiropractic History Midterm Review Sheet Dates to know: 1845- (March 7) DD Palmer was born in Port Perry, Ontario Canada 1874- (June) Osteopathy presented by A.T. Still in Baldwin, Kansas 1882- (Sept 14) BJ Palmer born in What Cheer, Iowa st office in Burlington, Iowa 1892- 1 st Osteopathic school est. in Kirksville, Missouri *1895*- (Sept 18) 1 st Chiropractic adjustment on Harvey Lillard on the 4 th floor of the Ryan Block Bldg in Davenport, Iowa -Harvey Lillard was deaf previous to this adjustment for 17 years 1896- Rev. Samuel Weed names Chiropractic from the Greek cheir (hand) and praxis (practice) meaning “done by hand” 1897- DD kept his notes and discovery of chiro to himself until he escaped death by surviving a train wreck and decided to teach it to others even though he hadn’t finished coming up with the theory. -Legally incorporated the Palmer School and Cure -Leroy Baker- 1 st student, but did NOT complete course 1898- William Seely became 1 st student to graduate (tuition was $500) 1909- Palmer recoil method of adjusting taught at Palmer School and Cure 1910- DD writes famous book Chiropractors’ Adjuster -“Hot Boxes” spoken of in spinal palpation -Fixation is introduced into chiro theory by Dr. Harry Reeves 1911- published by BJ 1912- (June 8) 1 st patient is issued for adjusting table, now known as Zenith Hylo 1913- Dr. A.W. Schwietert was 1 st DC to take an exam from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners -(August) DD, “Old Dad Chiro,” attends the PSC Homecoming parade -(Oct 20) DD dies of typhoid fever in California 1915- Lillian Strand Wood, DC issued license in N. Dakota (1 st licensed woman!) 1916- BJ owned “prettiest little print shop in America” which produced patient education materials method of adjusting based on tilt of vertebra, rotation, and listings -chiropractic “Scope of Practice” is defined by state boards 1922- Cleveland Chiropractic College founded in Kansas City, Missouri -BJ begins broadcasting from WOC radio station on the PSC campus (the 2 nd commercial radio station in America) -Dossa Evins, DC of Kansas City Electrical Engineering invented the
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Neurocalometer (patented in 1925) and introduced it to the profession in 1924 at PSC Lyceum, which caused a split in the profession 1924- Modalities come into extensive use 1929- Enrollment at PSC was 300 1930- Ronald Reagan is a sports announcer on WOC radio station -H.I.O. exclusively taught at PSC until 1949 1932- Warren Sausser, DC of NY produced 1 st full length single exposure x-ray view of the entire spine on a 14 X 36 film 1935- Logan Basic Method presented -Stereospecific x-rays introduced -BJ opened the BJ Palmer Chiropractic Research Clinic where he received the
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CPAP 1605 Chiropractic History Midterm - Chiropractic...

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