CPAP 1605 Week 3 - Leroy Baker Leroy Baker First student No record of his graduation William A Seeley William A Seeley A P Davis the first

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Unformatted text preview: Leroy Baker Leroy Baker First student No record of his graduation William A. Seeley William A. Seeley A. P. Davis, the first “mixer” A. P. Davis, the first “mixer” 1898 – A. P. Davis, MD, DO, DC In The Chiropractor’s Adjustor, DD reports on the chiropractic­osteopathic feud DD used Davis’ ideas to show that chiropractic and osteopathy were separate and distinct practices Davis also explored “suggestive therapeutics” (these led to modern “Concept Therapy” Davis begins to say that chiropractic only works because “people believe in it” – placebo effect? DD coined the term “mixer” referring to Davis A.P. Davis, MD, A.P. Davis, MD, DO, DC “Chiropractic and Osteopathy use entirely different moves” Explored “suggestive therapy” Used X­ray as therapy DD’s Disciples ­ 1st 15 grads DD’s Disciples ­ 1st 15 grads A New Profession Emerges A New Profession Emerges 1899 ­ DD develops his first theory The “Electric Theory” Brain is akin to a dynamo (electric generator) Spinal cord and nerves are like wires Organs are the lights DD still very mechanistic Views chiropractic as just a science and an art Philosophical approach doesn’t come until later Continues to believe that chiropractic is the Magic Bullet to cure all diseases Early Controversies Early Controversies 1900 – DD’s teaching become controversial H.H. Reiring of Chicago files suit against DD Claims DD “misrepresented his chiropractic education” DD is “grossly ignorant of anatomy, physiology, therapeutics, pathology, and true medicine and surgery” Suit never goes to court Similar suits follow, most are resolved in favor of the chiropractic educational institution 1900­1901: DD goes to NY (?) Leaves Oakley Smith (’99) in charge of the Infirmary Early Controversies Early Controversies AT Still accuses DD of “stealing osteopathy” Although bitter rivals, they are strikingly similar: Both start out as magnetic healers Both begin new “healing arts professions” Both find religious inspiration in Spiritualism Both believe that they have discovered the one answer to all of the world’s illnesses They meet on at least one occasion but continue to attacked each other in print Early Graduates Branch Out Early Graduates Branch Out 1901 ­ Graduates begin to move out into the world, become “innovative” Solon Langworthy, DC, ‘01 Soon starts the American School of Chiropractic and Nature Cure in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Borrows, incorporates methods from naturopathy Teaches traction (spinal stretching on the theory that separating the discs prevents “feeblement” (old age) Minora Paxson, DC, DD’s 1st woman graduate, Solon Langworthy, DC Solon Langworthy, DC Father of “mixing chiropractic” DD Palmer’s main “nemesis” in early days Published first textbook: Modernized Chiropractic Langworthy’s Firsts Langworthy’s Firsts First legislation First regular newsletter First ACA First competing school in Iowa: American School of Chiropractic and Nature Cure Early Graduates Branch Out Early Graduates Branch Out 1901 – Oakley Smith, DC, ’99 starts another profession(!) Theorizes that the primary problem is not “hard bone on soft nerve” but comes from “soft (joint) tissue distraction” Calls the spinal problem ligatite and ligaloose Established naprapathy on this foundation Still in existence today – licensed in Il & NM ( Oakley Smith, Oakley Smith, DC One of the first licensed chiropractors Starts new profession (naprapathy) based on his ligatite/ligaloose theory Early Graduates Branch Out Early Graduates Branch Out 1901 ­ Thomas Storey, DC, ’01, being somewhat of an inventor, begins to work on developing better chiropractic adjusting equipment Introduces the nose hole, and thus compassion for the patient, into chiropractic Will go on to create the first adjusting instrument Will go on to created the split adjusting table (1904) Thomas Storey Thomas Storey Somewhat of an inventor. 1902 ­ A Busy Year for a New 1902 ­ A Busy Year for a New Profession January 6, 1902 – BJ graduates from Palmer Prior to this, he worked as a sales clerk at St. Onge’s Department Store on the bottom floor of the Ryan Building He has already been “practicing” throughout Iowa He is only nineteen (19) years old, and will take over the Palmer School within the year BJ Palmer Becomes a Chiropractor BJ Palmer Becomes a Chiropractor 1902 ­ A Busy Year for a New 1902 ­ A Busy Year for a New Profession DD decides to leave, goes to Portland Supposedly left to search for “missing” 1901 graduate T. H. Storey Probably left because he feared litigation Opens Pacific College of Chiropractic with the help of two MD/DC “partners” Partnership lasts about one year DD is “turned out” and the assets are taken by MDs leaving DD with the debts Will eventually give rise to Western States CC Pacific College of Chiropractic (1) Pacific College of Chiropractic (1) 1902 ­ The Torch is Passed 1902 ­ The Torch is Passed When DD goes to Portland, BJ left to run the Palmer School and Infirmary He must get a loan to keep the school afloat DD left the school deep in debt DD took all the bed linens and furniture BJ becomes powerful promoter of PSC, chiropractic During the last 11 years of DD’s life, he will be involved in starting at least ten chiropractic institutions in four states, none of which surive “Early to bed, Early to rise, Work like hell, and advertise.” BJ Palmer A New Profession Emerges A New Profession Emerges 1903 – DD proposes his Vibratory Theory DD’s second theory of three Nerves, not blood, heat the body Nerves carry vibratory transmissions Disease of an organ is result of a “hot nerve” Vibrating too quickly Causing friction and heat DD believes that his theory “unites the physical and the spiritual” A New Profession Emerges A New Profession Emerges 1903 – DD leaves Pacific CC (it eventually folds) DD then returns to Davenport Opens a school in Santa Barbara in July, with Oakley Smith, DC and Minora Paxson, DC (the first woman chiropractor) on faculty Becomes co­partners with BJ at PSC This is the beginning of the end of DD’s leadership of the chiropractic profession Becomes a thorn in BJ’s side Continues to “run up bills” for BJ to pay Minora Paxson Minora Paxson First woman chiropractor One of first chiropractors to receive a “chiropractic license” The Medical Profession Attacks The Medical Profession Attacks April 16, 1903 – BJ Palmer indicted!!! For “publicly professing to cure and heal” w/out “procuring a certification from the Iowa BME” BJ is granted many continuances (postponements) for this trial Final trial date is set for December 14, 1905 Then, for some reason, no further action is taken A New Profession Emerges 1904 – Palmer Infirmary and Chiropractic Institute becomes Palmer School of Chiropractic Good Ol’ PSC officially incorporated 1905 May 1, 1904 – BJ Palmer marries Mabel Heath First chiropractors are licensed Minora Paxson/Oakley Smith licensed under IL Drugless Practitioners Act (not actually chiropractic licenses) T. H. Storey develops two­piece adjusting table 1st chiropractic professional association formed Daniel W. Reisland forms “National Association of Chiropractic Doctors” in Minnesota A New Profession Emerges 1905 – PSC moves up Brady Hill Mabel Heath Palmer graduates PSC BJ buys, moves PSC up to 828 Brady street PSC is a nine­month program Assumes position as business manager and professor of anatomy Later attends Rush Medical College Writes Chiropractic Anatomy and a personally oriented volume titled Stepping Stones Becomes the “First Lady of Chiropractic” 828 Brady Street Mabel Heath Mabel Palmer Palmer Marries BJ Palmer May 1, 1904 Graduates PSC ’05 Business manager/ anatomy professor Writes Chiropractic Anatomy (one of the “Green Books” “First Lady of Chiropractic” A New Profession Emerges 1905 – PSC has two rival schools in Iowa American School of Chiropractic and Nature Cure – Cedar Rapids, IA President Solon Langworthy, PSC ‘01 Parker School of Chiropractic – Ottumwa, IA President Charles Ray Parker, PSC ‘05 After three years, Parker closes college Parker/wife go to medical school to “continue their education” The First “Chiropractic Law” 1905 – 1st Chiropractic Practice Act passed Daniel W. Reisland/Solon Langworthy introduce 1st bill to regulate chiropractic, in Minnesota Requires 2­year broad scope training, including traction “Grandfathers” untrained healers as chiropractors Law never goes into effect DD urges governor to veto the law; which he does Solon Langworthy forms 1st American Chiropractic Association (ACA) First of four organizations under this name The First “Chiropractic Law” 1905 Langworthy’s actions (co­authoring first chiropractic law, founding first ACA) enrage DD DD considers Langworthy to be usurping his (DD’s) authority as the Discoverer of Chiropractic DD says of Langworthy’s disciples: “They have mixed what little they do know of this science with medicinal and mechanical remedies, ‘til today there is but little, if any, resemblance between what is now called chiropractic in Minnesota and what is taught at the Palmer School.” Controversy Surrounds DD DD’s wife dies in controversial circumstances Villa complains about pains in her spine/chest She had broken her back in an earlier accident Twelve morphine tablets delivered to DD’s home DD says he “gave her two” but the bottle next to her bed only has eight left (?) Says that Villa was familiar w/ the workings of morphine, believed she had taken two more October 7, 1905 – DD indicted for “practicing medicine without a license” BJ/DD’s “Messy Divorce” Before the trial: DD’s attorney recommends all publications coming out of PSC be reviewed and edited by an “MD from the AMA” BJ’s creditors threaten to “cut off their support if DD has anything more to do with the school” PSC employee M.P. Brown, MD, DC, gets the job BJ says (privately) “DD got what he deserved” All DD’s property transferred to Mabel Palmer “for legal protection” 1906 – A Busy Year in Chiropractic January 11, 1906 – DD (60) marries Mary Hudler (55) January 12, 1906 – David Daniel Palmer (Dave) is born to BJ and Mabel Willard Carver graduates from Parker School of Chiropractic Carver will become BJ’s nemesis, like AT Still and Solon Langworthy were DD’s Carver had delivered chickens to DD’s grocery store in What Cheer, IA, as a DD’s Trial and Conviction March 26, 1906 – DD goes on trial Indicted for “practicing medicine without a license” Indictment motivated by DD’s outspoken and controversial grandstanding Also by “bad blood” (bad debts, etc.) in his community relationships Didn’t involve Villa’s death, but the publicity surrounding her death didn’t help DD DD Harangues the Jury Dr. D. D. Palmer, Martyr to His Science, Chiropractic APRIL…MAY, 1906 Published by the Palmer School of Chiropractic Davenport, Iowa, U. S. A. COPYRIGHT 1906, B. J. PALMER, D. C. DD’s Trial and Conviction DD found guilty of “practicing medicine without a license” Sentence: 105 days and/or $350 fine DD refuses to pay fines, is jailed for 23 days DD turns 61 while in prison, writes several articles for the newspaper and The Chiropractor, PSC’s newsletter Mary Palmer pays fine of $350 DD is released on Saturday, April 21 BJ/DD’s “Messy Divorce” After the trial: BJ meets DD at the front door of PSC and tells him that he is no longer welcome “You no longer own any interest in PSC” DD believes BJ/Mabel have betrayed him May 1, 1906: DD sells “his half” of PSC to BJ for $2,196.79 (He wanted $3500.00) BJ meets with IA governor to try to arrange a pardon for DD, but fails Purchase Agreement Travels with DD – Still 1906 Travels Still After the sale, DD leaves Davenport Meanwhile, Carver­Denny Kiropractic College/Infirmary opened in Oklahoma City Three months later, Gregory leaves DD carries on teaching, but the school folds DD goes back to Carver and asks for a job They invite DD to lecture, DD accepts, then departs DD starts a rival school with Alva Gregory Goes to Medford, OK ( TJ), opens grocery store Carver takes DD back, but he does not stay Carver-Denny Kiropractic College Carver-Denny and Infirmary and Travels with DD – Still 1906 Travels Still DD goes to Portland, OR to start the Gorby­Hinkley School of Chiropractic When DD leaves Oregon, the college folds DD initially proposes an 18­month curriculum including dissection, minor surgery, obstetrics for $250/yr Course is actually only 12 months Very little is known about what DD does after he leaves Portland He seems to appears in many places More Travels with DD 1908 DD shows up in Oklahoma City, forms the “Fountainhead School” 1909 DD, back in Portland, OR, forms DD Palmer School of Chiropractic w/ John LaValley (also included in lineage of WSCC) DD reportedly returns to Davenport but does not reconcile with BJ While there, encourages Joy Loban to break from PSC and form the Universal College of Chiropractic Still More Travels with DD 1910 – DD moves to Los Angeles Teaches at the Ratledge College of Chiropractic Publishes his “magnus opus” The Chiropractic Adjuster Proposes his 3rd theory of chiropractic “Chiropractic – Founded on Tone” 1912 – DD publishes first issue (chapter) of The Chiropractic Adjuster, his newest newsletter, in October The Discoverer’s Passing August 1913 – DD/BJ’s last dust­up BJ extends DD the “olive branch” in response to DD’s ongoing criticisms of BJ/PSC Invites DD to attend PSC Lyceum Invites DD to ride with him and Tom Morris in the parade down Brady Street Hill (BJ driving) DD refuses; insists that, as Discoverer, his place is walking and leading the procession Procession is mostly rowdy PSC/UCC students DD Palmer is now 68 years old Named for Aristotle’s “outdoor Philosophy school” The Discoverer’s Passing DD, overcome by exertion(?), collapses and must be carried off the street BJ’s “enemies” (competitors?) later allege that BJ ran into DD with his automobile, causing his death two months later Three successive grand juries exonerate BJ of any criminal liability In fact, no evidence is presented proving that the accusation ever even actually happened The Discoverer’s Passing Joy Loban (UCC’s president) then files a $32,000 “wrongful death” suit against BJ Eventually Loban drops his suit against BJ “without prejudice” on December 28, 1914 Unfortunately, the story that BJ ran over his father, and the suggestion that this “nonevent” led to DD's death in Los Angeles two months later, would haunt BJ throughout his life and become part of the mythology of the chiropractic profession The Discoverer’s Passing October 20, 1913 – DD dies in LA Cause of death is listed as typhoid fever and “brain congestion” (used to describe anything from tinnitus to cerebral arteriosclerosis) DD’s remains are cremated Eventually his ashes are placed in the base of his bronze bust on the Palmer campus They are removed to the Palmer Family Mausoleum in 1981 October 23 – DD’s Memorial Service D.D. Palmer Founder of Chiropractic 1845-1913 Heritage Wall in Founder’s Court ...
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