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ANLS 1610 History of Chiropractic Analysis

ANLS 1610 History of Chiropractic Analysis - Adjusting...

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History of Chiropractic Analysis 1. Early Palpation 1. Bony Palpation: irregularities, bumps, spinous rotation 2. Hot Boxes: back of hand seeking hot spots 3. Gliding fingers over transverse processes to locate taught and tender fibers. ** The objective was to determine the location of subluxations and to analyze the direction of misalignment. ** 2. Nerve Tracing: from spine to organ and back to spine, in order to determine exit and entrance of sensitive nerves to aid in locating subluxations. 3. Meric System: developed out of nerve tracing. A systematic categorization of zones or meres of the spine with certain organs. Had to ascertain which organ was abnormal and refer to meric chart to know which segment to adjust (1910). 4. Majors and Minors: A development from the Meric System. A deductive method of separating the most vital organic conditions of those of lesser importance to prolong life.
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Unformatted text preview: Adjusting majors first permitting innate to concentrate reparation on most vital area, then later adjusting what minors are left. 5. Spinograph 1910: original purpose was to verify, prove and correct digital palpations. 6. N.C.M. 1924: Dr. Dossa Evins invented. Break system of analysis. It was thought that each break indicated a subluxation. 7. HIO concepts introduce by B.J. In 1934. Break system of analysis still used at first. Pattern NCM analysis then developed. This system was especially boosted by the development of the neurocalograph in 1940 by P.S.C.'s consulting engineer Otto Schiernbeck. Schiernbeck also developed the posture constant chair and neurotempometer or pacer. (Murdock - constant glide.) B.J. Palmer on the NCM. .... "The most valuable invention of the age because it picks, proves and locates the cause of all dis-ease of the human race."...
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