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Unformatted text preview: Instrumentation Midterm 1. Which component of a subluxation is found through thermal instrumentation? - Interference. 2. For every sensory impulse, there will be a sympathetic response. 3. When youʼre doing a Chiropractic scan to establish pattern, what things could you demonstrate to invalidate the scan? -moving the thermocouples beyond the levels of the occiput. 4. VP is C7-T1 5. The bodys failure to maintain an internal homeostatic condition is referred to as? – Dis-Ease 6. Criteria to establish a valid scan? -70-72 degrees. (Appropriate Room Temperature) -NO Physiotherapy, Pain meds or smoking prior to scan -want the patient acclimated for 12 minutes 7. What is the Nervescope actually telling you? -Heat Differential (conduction) -- Hot/Cold & Left/Right 8. When weʼre dealing w/ Myovision (Titron), weʼre picking up temperature differentials from the skins surface. By what means are we picking them up? - Infrared radiation 9. All the following are true about Thermocouples except: - 2 wires – iron and copper - battery may or may not be essential for their operation - Thermal electric current is measured by a Galvanometer - Thomas Seebeck discovered, in 1821, the Thermoelectric effect: Voltage is directly proportional to the temperature difference btw the junctions. (increase temp; increase Voltage; Difflection to one side) *make sure Voltage is directly proportional to Temperature!!!! 10. Myovision (Titron) has vertical lines on it, whatʼs the differential? - .5 degrees C. 11. Time frame for the Myovision (Titron) 8-10 seconds for both cervical and full spine. Why? - Cause its more about the distance than the time bc those wheels allow us to control the distance. Distance is most important with the Myovision (Titron). 12. John Hopkins - Temperature deviations and disease processes (Dr. Matsu) • .3 degrees C 18% • .6 64% • .9 92% • 1.2 96% Instrumentation Midterm 13. Who do we give credit to for “Hot Boxes”? - DD Palmer 14. 1910 X-ray (Spinograph) - original purpose was to verify, prove and correct digital palpations (xray) 15. 1910 Meric system (chart) - developed part of nerve tracing - A systemic categorization of zones or meres of the spine with certain organs. Had to ascertain which origin was abnormal and refer to meric chart to know which spinal segment to adjust. 16. NCM (neurocalometer) 1924 - Dr. Dossa Evins invented - Break system of analysis – thought that each break indicated a subluxation 17. (Choose 2 answers) When the patient is in pattern, this means: - The patient is adapting. - The patient is not subluxated. - The patient does not need to be adjusted - The patient is in a static state of Physiology. 18. Whatʼs the proper speed of a cervical graph of a Nervoscope glide? - 7-9 beeps in 14-18 seconds. VP to Occiput. 19. Minimum amount of scans required to establish pattern? - 3 scans taken 20 min. apart 24-48 hours (Up to two days maximum) 20. Instrumentation is used to determine the evidence of abnormal neurological function. 21. Graphically recording variations in temperature? - Thermography 22. Thermometry: - measuring temperatures. The body behind it allows us to call it Thermometry. 23. Definition of a Subluxation: Misalignment of a Vertebra Occlusion of a Foramen Pressure on the Nerves Interference with the Transmission of Mental Impules (Pain can be involved) ...
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