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ANLS 1617 Listings Chart - (same ↑ Rounded Smaller(Cat's...

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AS IN EX Ilium Medially Laterally Sacrum Glute fold Flat/Wide Round/Narrow Lordosis Edema (same) Superior Inferior Short Long Toe (same) External Internal SCP (same) Inf PSIS Acetabular Ridge Medial PSIS Lateral PSIS CP Piso/pads Piso/pads Piso/pads Piso/pads LOC (D) Torque Gait Affected  Listing Heel Strike EX Toe off  PI                (most common) P I A S A S P I P Same A Same -Hyper -Hypo -Hypo -Hyper X-ray (S I)  Femur/      Ilium Same  Ilium Same  Width Same Width Same Obturator 
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Unformatted text preview: (same) ↑ Rounded Smaller (Cat's eye) ↔ Narrow ↔ Wide Anterior (no palpation) ↕ Medial PSIS Leg check (same) P → A / I → S P → A / S → I P → A / M → L P → A / L →M CW-LEFT CCW-Right CW-Right CCW-Left Lumbar ization = Sacrum appears @ Lumbar PI IN Sacral ization = Lumbar appears @ Sacrum Foot Flat ( weighted ) PI EX Midstance ( weighted ) Heel Off ( weighted ) AS EX AS IN...
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