ANAT 1615 Blue Box Summaries for Upper Extremity

ANAT 1615 Blue Box Summaries for Upper Extremity - Blue Box...

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“Blue Box” summaries for exam 2 Variations of Clavicle: Pg. 683 - Connects upper limb to trunk. Like a strut from which the scapula and free limb are suspended. Allows the scapula to move on the thoracic wall at the “scapulothoracic joint” increasing its ROM. - Varies in shape more than other long bones - pierced by supraclavicular n. branch - thicker, more curved, and muscle attachments more marked in manual workers - right usually stronger and shorter than left Fracture of clavicle: Pg. 684 - one of most frequent. Its weakest part is the middle and lateral thirds - common in children - indirect force thru outstretched hand thru forearm, arm, and to shoulder during a fall - or fall directly on shoulder - SCM elevates medial fragment of bone - Shoulder drops b/c trapezius cannot hold weight of upper limb up - Addition to dropping, lateral part goes medial b/c of adductors of arm (Pect. Mn.) - Usually greenstick in children (one side broke, other side just bent) - Can happen at birth but heals quickly Ossification of clavicle - first long bone to ossify (intramembranous) - ends go thru endochondral oss., last of epiphyses of long bones to fuse Fracture of scapula - severe trauma pedestrian/vehicle accidents - little treatment cuz covered by muscles - acromion protrudes Fractures of humerus - most of proximal end are at surgical neck - common in elderly with osteoporosis - Often impacted fractures by falling with outstretched hand. - Avulsion fracture - pulling greater tubercle away from head - Nerves that can be damaged?--- o Surgical neck = axillary n. o Radial groove = radial n. o Distal end of humerus = median n. o Medial epicondyle = ulnar n. Fractures of radius and ulna - severe injury causes - fracture of one dislocation of nearest joint - Colles fracture = complete transverse fracture of radius ( most common) - Often the ulnar styloid process is avulsed (broken off).
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Fractures of Scaphoid: - Most frequently fractured carpal bone. And damages the radial artery too. - Fall on abducted hand. - Often misdiagnosed as a severely sprained wrist. - Avascular necrosis of the proximal fragment of the scaphoid may occur and produce degenerative joint disease of the wrist. Paralysis of serratus anterior SAWLT - injury to long thoracic n. - winged scapula = medial border moves laterally & posteriorly away from the thoracic wall. - upper limb cannot be abducted above horizontal position bc SA can’t rotate the glenoid cavity. Triangle of Auscultation - Lats, medial border of scapula, trapezius - examine posterior segments of lungs here - scapular circumflex artery Injury of Spinal Accessory N. CN XI - ipsilateral weakness of traps when shoulders are shrugged - Injury of thoracodorsal N. (C6-C8) - Vulnerable to injury during surgery on the scapular lymph nodes bc its terminal part lies ant. To them and the subscapular artery. -
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ANAT 1615 Blue Box Summaries for Upper Extremity - Blue Box...

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