ANAT 1615 Final Exam Lower Extremity Review

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Lower Extremity Review---THE FINAL!!!!!!!! 1. Know the compartments of the leg a. Contents i. Muscles, nerves, veins b. Where located 2. Know Dermatomes—where located and nerve root a. Also know the cutaneous innerv of skin---differ from dermatome 3. Know where nerves can be injured or impinged a. Sciatica b. Tarsal Tunnel c. Common Peroneal and fibular head d. Morton’s Neuroma 4. lumbar and sacral plexi a. know what the ant and post div of each will become 5. SCIATIC NERVE a. Branches and what they innerv b. Problems c. Where it travels 6. Know the unique muscle in the compartments a. Ex: most of med comp is innerv by obturator but i. Adductor magnus= obterator N and tibial div of sciatic ii.
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Unformatted text preview: Pectinius=obturator N and femoral N 7. Femoral Triangle a. Borders b. Roof and floor c. Contents 8. Popliteal area a. Borders b. Order of contents 9. What makes up Tom, Dick, and harry 10. Sciatic foramen a. Contents, borders b. Lesser=PIANO 11. Inguinal Canal a. Contents and order 12. Veins of leg a. Med vs lat b. Where they dump 13. Arteries of leg a. Branches 14. All bones and lig from osteology is fair game a. Ankle lig b. Knee bones/lig and characteristics c. Foot bones 15. Group muscles into actions and innerv a. ex: i. All these muscle dorsiflex the ankle ii. All these muscles are innerv by the tibal nerve...
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