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ANAT 1615 Lumbar Plexus - Adductor Longus Obturator Sup...

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Thigh ABductors Thigh Adductors Toe ABductors Toe Adductors Abduct Hallucis - Medial Plantar Adduct Hallicus - Lat Plantar Glute Medius - Sup Glute Quad Femorus - Nerve to Adduct Digiti Minimi Pedis - Lat Plantar Plantar Interossei - Lat Plantar Glute Minimus - Sup Glute Pectineus - Femoral Dorsal Inter Pedis - Lat Plantar Piriformis - Nerve to
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Unformatted text preview: Adductor Longus - Obturator Sup Gemellus - Nerve to Obt Int Gracilis - Obturator Obt Internus - Nerve to Obt Int Adductor Brevis - Obturator Inf Gemellus - Nerve to Quad Femoris Adductor Magnus - Obt & Tibial TFL - Sup Glute Biceps Femoris - Tibial & Common Fib Sartorius - Femoral Glute Maximus - Inf Gluteal...
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