ANAT 1615 Muscle Innervation

ANAT 1615 Muscle Innervation - Muscle Nerve Pectoralis...

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Unformatted text preview: Muscle Nerve Pectoralis major Medial and Lateral pectoral Tibialis anterior Deep peroneal Pectoralis minor Medial and (Lateral) pectoral Extensor hallucis longus Deep peroneal Subclavius nerve to subclavius Extensor digitorum longus Deep peroneal Serraturs anterior Long thoracic Peroneus tertius Deep peroneal Deltoid Axillary Peroneus longus superficial peroneal Supraspinatus Suprascapular Peroneus brevis superficial peroneal Infraspinatus Suprascapular Teres minor Axillary Gastrocnemius Tibial Subscapularis upper and lower Subscapular Teres major lower Subscapular Latissimus dorsi Thoracodorsal Bicep soleus Tibial Plantaris Tibial Popliteus Tibial flexor hallucis longus Tibial Musculocutaneous flexor digitorum longus Tibial Brachialis Musculocutaneous Tibialis posterior Tibial Coracobrachialis Musculocutaneous Brachioradialis Radial Anconeus Radial Tricep Radial Pronator median nerve supinator radial nerve Flexor cari Ulnaris ulnar Flexor digitorum profundus ulnar & median 1, 2 lumbrical median 3, 4 lumbrical ulnar Gluteus maximus inferior gluteal Gluteus medius superior glutea Gluteus minimus superior glutea Tensor fasciae latae superior glutea piriformis sacral obturator internus nerve to obturator internus superior gemellus nerve to obturator internus inferior gemellus nerve to quadratus femoris quadratus femoris nerve to quadratus femoris Semitendinosus tibial portion of sciatic nerve Semimembrnosus tibial portion of sciatic nerve Biceps femoris tibial and common peroneal of sciatic nerve iliacus Femoral sartorius Femoral Rectus femoris Femoral Vastus medialis Femoral Vastus intermedius Femoral Vastus lateralis Femoral Adductor longus obturator Adductor brevis obturator Adductor magnus obturator and sciatic Pectineus obturator and femoral Gracilis obturator Obturator externus obturator ...
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