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ANAT 1615 Upper Extremity Master Chart

ANAT 1615 Upper Extremity Master Chart - MUSCLE ORIGIN...

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MUSCLE ORIGIN INSERTION INNERVATION FUNCTION Trapezius Superior nuchal line, ligamentum nuchae Spine of Scapula, Acromion Motor: accessory n. elevate, rorate, retract C7-T12 p. border of lateral 1/3 of clavicle Senroy: C3, C4 depress scapula Deltoid spine of scap (below trap), ant. Of lat 1/3 clavicle deltoid tuberocity axillary n abduct arm (above 15deg), flex upr limb lat margin of acromion little med/lat rotate of arm, extensor upr limb Levator Sculpae C1-C4 medial border scap bet superior angle, spine C3, C4, dorsal scap n elevate scapula Rhomboid m C7-T1, lower lig. Nuchae medial border at spine of scapula dorsal scap n rotate, retract scapula Rhomboid M T2-T5 inferior angle to scapula spine dorsal scap n rotate, retract scapula Supraspinatus medial 2/3 of supraspinatus fossa superior facet of greater tubercule suprascapular n abduct arm 15deg, holds in humerus head Infraspinatus medial 2/3 of infraspinatus fossa middle facet of greater tubercule suprascapular n lateral rotator cuff Teres m lateral border of scapula (flattened bone) inferior facet of greater tubercule axillary n lateral rotator cuff Teres M lower lateral and posterior scapula medial lip of intertubercular sulcus inferior subscapular n medial rotator cuff, adduction of upr limb Triceps Brachii infraglenoid tubercule of scap, med/lat head at post humerus olecranon radial n extensor of forearm Pectoralis M anterior middle 1/2 of clavicle, anterior surface of sternum, lateral lip of intertubercular sulcus clavicular-lat pec,sternocostal med pec flexion, adduction, medial rotation down to 6th rib, external oblique Pectoralis m ribs 3-5 corocoid process medical pectoral n pulls shoulder down Serratus anterior ribs 1-9 coastal surface of medial border of scapula long thoracic n holds scap to thoracic wall, protract/rot scap Latissimus dorsi lumbar, thoracic vertebrae, down to iliac crest floor of intertubercular sulcus thorcodorsal n medial rotator cuff, adduction, extn of upr limb Subscapularis medial 2/3 of subscapular fossa lesser tubercule of intertubercular sulcus superior and inferior subscapular n medial rotator Subclavis between 1st rib and coastal cartilage groove on inferior middle of clavicle nerve to subclavis pulls shoulder down Biceps Brachii short: apex of corocoid proc, long: supraglenoid tubercule tuberocity of radius musculocutaneous flexor upper limb Corocobrachialis apex of corocoid process midshaft medial humerous musculocutaneous flexor of upperr limb Brachialis anterior humerous, intermuscular septae tuberoicty of the ulna musculocutaneous flexor of forearm Flexor carpi ulnaris humeral head - medial epidondyle, ulnar head - olecranon pisiform, hamate, metacarpal V ulnar n flexes, adducts wrist Palmaris longus medial epicondyle palmar aponeurosis of hand median n flexes wrist, resist skin shear Flexor carpi radialis medial epicondyle metacarpals II,III median n flexes, abducts wrist Pronator teres humeral head - med epicondye, ulnar head-coronoid process radius mid-oblique line median n pronation
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