ANAT 1607 Dorsal Primary Rami

ANAT 1607 Dorsal Primary Rami - sacrospinales group B Joint...

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DORSAL PRIMARY RAMI 1. USUALLY MUCH SMALLER THAN VENTRAL PRIMARY RAMI A. B. Courses around the Z-joint, branches innervate the Z-joints, ligaments, all spinal muscles and the skin on the back from the vertex to the coccyx. 2. Each divides into a medial and lateral branches A. Medial branch [C2 –T7] innervates both muscle and skin (cutaneous) B. Lateral branch [C2 – T7] innervates only muscle C. Medial branch [T8 – S3] innervates only muscle D. Lateral branch [T8 – S3] innervates both muscle and skin 3. The medial branch innervates all structures in between the Z-joints A. Muscles: interspinales, multifidus (transversospinales group), spinales (erector spinae or
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Unformatted text preview: sacrospinales group) B. Joint capsule C. Ligaments: Flavum, supraspinales, interspinales 4. The lateral branch innervates A. Muscles: intertranversarii, iliocostalis longissimus B. Dorsal lumbar fascia [thoracodorsal fascia] 5. Not all dorsal primary rami have a cutaneous (innervating the skin) branch. A. Exceptions: C1, L4, L5 B. Uncertain: C6 - C7 & C8 C. Inconsistant: C5 & T1 D. The cutaneous territory innervated is located distal to the level of the corresponding vertebra. (Maigne 1996) E. Skin over the buttocks is by T12 – L1 & L2...
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