ANAT 1607 Lecture Exam 1 REVIEW

ANAT 1607 Lecture Exam 1 REVIEW - Intro to Anatomy Planes o...

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Intro to Anatomy Planes o Median—sep R from L half, mid-Sagittal plane, directly in half o Sagittal—parallel to median line, sep into R and L parts o Coronal—sep ant from post o Transverse—sep inf from sup o Oblique—diagonal cut Relationship o Superficial—nearer to surface o Intermediate—btwn superficial and deep o Deep—further from surface o Medial –toward center, midline o Lateral—further from center, midline o Posterior (dorsal)—toward the back o Anterior (ventral)—toward the front o Superior (cranial)—closer to head o Inferior (caudal)—closer to feet o Proximal—closer to trunk or point of origin o Distal—further from trunk o Dorsal Surface---hand, foot—back of hand, top of foot o Palmer Surface—hand—palm of hand o Plantar surface—foot—bottom of foot, sole Movements o Extension—increase angle, usually move post o Flexion—decrease angle, usually move ant o Dorsiflexion—bring toes to shin, stand on heels o Plantarflexion—bring toes away from shin, stand on toes o Abduction—away from midline o Adduction—toward midline o Circumduction—in a circle o Opposition—touch thumb to opp fingers o Reposition—bring thumb back to anat position o Elevation—raise body part, shrug shoulders o Depression—lower body part, lower shoulders o Eversion—bring sole away from midline o Inversion—bring sole of foot toward midline o Retrusion—move ant to post, move head back o Protrusion—move post to ant, move jaw forward o Supination—lay face up, palm up, R and U not crossed “hold supper” o Pronation—face down, palm down, R and U crossed Bone markings—pg 15-16
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Surface anatomy: Overview of Spine o Definition—from FM to coccyx, 33 vert o Function-protect SC, support body wt, pivot for head, posture, motion o Child vs. Adult Child—sacrum and coccyx are all sep bones, not fused Adult –sacrum and coccyx are fused Spinal Curves o Kyphotic—T, S, primary curves=same as when born o Lordotic—C, L, secondary curves=form when raise head and stand up Embryology Sperm—male gamete Acrosome—prot on sperm head the help it get into egg Ova—female gamete Polar body—product of female meiosis, 3 not to become ovum Pronucleus—nucleus (sperm and egg) in ovum before fertilization
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ANAT 1607 Lecture Exam 1 REVIEW - Intro to Anatomy Planes o...

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