ANAT 1607 Spinal Anatomy Final Review (Fall 2010 Dr Hassani)

ANAT 1607 Spinal Anatomy Final Review (Fall 2010 Dr...

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Spinal Anatomy Final Exam COA - Somatic Nervous System o Somatic – meaning of the body o It is composed of parts of the CNS and PNS o Sensory as well as Motor EXCEPT the viscera in the body cavities, smooth muscle and glands o Somatic Sensory System Transmits sensations of touch, pain, temperature, and position from sensory receptors Most of these reach conscious levels: We are aware of them o Somatic Motor System ONLY skeletal muscle Stimulating voluntary and reflexive movement by causing the muscle to contract Touching a hot pan and pulling away - Autonomic Nervous System o “Visceral Nervous System” or “Visceral Motor System” o Stimulate smooth muscle (Involuntary) Cardiac Muscle Glandular Cells(Secretory) o The ANS is made up of two different systems or divisions: Sympathetic (Thoracodorsal) Parasympathetic(Craniosacral) o Conduction of impulses from the CNS to the effector organ involves a series of two Multipolar Neurons The first is located in the Grey Matter of the CNS Presynaptic Neuron The second is located outside the CNS and terminate on the effector organ (smooth muscle, modified cardiac muscle, or glands) Postsynaptic Neuron o Neurotransmitter Substances per division (Sympathetic / Parasympathetic): Sympathetic - Norepinephrin Parasympathetic – Acetylcholine - Sympathetic Divisions of ANS (Thoracolumbar) o S-ANS o ONLY found in one area : the Intermediolateral Cell Columns (IML) or Nuclei of the Spinal Cord This area is found in both the thoracic and lumbar region More specifically T1 - L2-3 o It is found in the Grey Matter of this section Small Horns in the “H” area of Grey Matter o IML’s are organized Somatotopically This means that the cells are arranged like the human body, the cell bodies involved with innervation of the head are located superiorly, and those involved with the innervation of the pelvic viscera and lower limbs located inferiorly??? In other words: The motor and sensory cortices of the brain are arranged somatotopically, specific regions of the cortex being responsible for different areas of the body.
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o So basically this is good because we can tell where impulses are coming from and where they are going, and so on - Postsynaptic Neurons o The cell bodies of postsynaptic neurons of the sympathetic nervous system occur in two locations, the paraverteral and prevertebral ganglia Paravertebral Ganglia- Linked together and form the right and left sympathetic trunks (chains) on the vertebral column, they extend almost the entire column Superior PG lies at the base of the cranium The Ganglion Impar forms inferiorly at the joining of the two columns at the level of the coccyx Prevertebral Ganglia- Plexuses that surround the organs and the main branches of the abdominal aorta Two large Celiac Ganglia surround the celiac trunk - Presynaptic Neurons (short fibers**) o Presynaptic neurons leave the spinal cord through the
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ANAT 1607 Spinal Anatomy Final Review (Fall 2010 Dr...

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