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Introduction to World Literature 195:01, 02, 03, H1 Fall 2010 Professor Janet A. Walker, with the assistance of teaching assistants Lauren Fanelli, Matthew Mangold, and Mavis Tseng All students enrolled meet Tuesday 2 nd period in Milledoler 100. Sections meet at the following times and locations: Section 01 Matthew Mangold Thursday 1st period Campbell A1 Section 02 Lauren Fanelli Thursday 3 rd period Campbell A1 Section 03 Mavis Tseng Friday 3 rd period Murray 115 Section H1 Janet Walker Thursday 2 nd period Education 025 A This course satisfies the SAS Liberal Arts Distribution Requirements under Part II Section C: Arts and Humanities and Global Awareness. This course will fulfill the following requirements when the new core curriculum is in place: SAS Core Curriculum Learning Goal, under section C. Arts and the Humanities. p. An arts and humanities course “analyzes arts and/or literatures in themselves and in relation to specific histories, values, languages, cultures, and technologies.” This course also fulfills the following Comparative Literature Learning Goals: 1) Students will demonstrate familiarity with a variety of world literatures as well as methods of studying literature and culture across national and linguistic boundaries and evaluate the nature, function and value of literature from a global perspective. 2) Students will analyze a specific body of research and write a clear and well- developed paper or project about a topic related to more than one literary and cultural tradition. Course objectives : The goal of the course is to introduce students to fiction, plays, and poems from various periods and from various parts of the world in comparative contexts, focusing on questions of culture, class, and gender, and on the role of translation in the study of world literature. The course will concentrate on the development of skills in thinking, in close reading of literary texts, and in writing. Course format : The course has two meetings a week: one lecture and one section. The weekly lecture is on Tuesday 9:50-11:10 A.M. in Milledoler 100, CAC. The lectures will be given by Professor Walker with the occasional assistance of the teaching assistants. The four sections meet once a week in smaller classrooms; each student registers for a particular section, which automatically includes the Tuesday lecture. Attendance will be taken at the lecture meetings and at the section meetings. 1
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Students will receive a separate syllabus for their section, which will indicate the requirements for that section. Lecture meeting procedures and etiquette : At the end of each lecture, time will be reserved for questions and discussion, but students may ask a thought question (not a factual question) during the lecture. No electronic equipment (cell phones, laptops, ipods, iPhones, etc.) may be used during the lecture meetings . Students are expected to bring the texts assigned (in book or paper form) to the lecture as well as to the section meeting. Occasional quizzes will be given.
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