Culture Shock checkpoint week 2

Culture Shock checkpoint week 2 - The language barrier was...

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Culture Shock Soc/120 Jamie Jordan June 16, 2011 Christine Teramoto 1
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If I were to of visited the Yanomamo, the best thing I would have done to prepare myself for a possible culture shock, is to do some research and try to find as much information as I could about Yanomamo. I would look for photos as well as articles from people who had also been there before and I would learn about their lifestyles. After I graduated high school, I had an experience of serious culture shock when I went to India for two weeks. The difference in how the men treated the women was a surprise. The food differences were amazing, they do not eat beef, and however, a lot of the food that they served had bugs in it as a part of their everyday recipes. The homes are small and not many of them had electricity.
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Unformatted text preview: The language barrier was very difficult, even though I studied the language through out school and I thought I had learned enough to get me by, I found out that I was wrong. It is similar as it is here in America; the language can change from one group to another, even when you think it all sounds the same the meaning of a word can change from group to another. When you understand more of how different people and cultures behave and live can make going into a new culture easier on both sides. When you understand the culture and can move about within that culture easily, there is less stress and you are less likely to offend someone, or make a cultural mistake. 2...
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Culture Shock checkpoint week 2 - The language barrier was...

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