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The Structural-Functional approach explains the map data by looking at how social structure and the suicide rate can be linked together and how society is held together. According to the textbook “Sociology”, the main idea of the structural-functional approach is its vision of society as stable and orderly. The main goal of sociologists who use this approach, then, is to figure out “what makes society tick.” In retrospect, states with a high suicide rate are where people live in more solitaire areas or rural areas; whereas, states that are more populated have a lower suicide rate. Sociologists use the Social-Conflict approach to look at a continuous conflict between the more privileged and the
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Unformatted text preview: less privileged categories of people, meaning the rich in relation to the poor, white people in relation to people of color, or men in relation to women. The Symbolic-Interaction approach is that society is nothing more than the reality people construct for themselves as they interact with one another. That is, human beings are creatures who live in a world of symbols, attaching meaning to virtually everything. “Reality,” therefore, is simply how we define our surroundings, our duties toward others, and even our own identities. (“Sociology” John J. Macionis pg 14)In my opinion, the Social-Conflict approach best explains the data in the map, because there is little stability in this approach....
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