Academic Integrity includes issues such as plagiarism

Academic Integrity includes issues such as plagiarism -...

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Academic Integrity includes issues such as plagiarism, cheating, copyright infringement, patents, etc. Plagiarism is when you take the work of someone else and use it or say that it is your own. This is unacceptable whether you are blogging, writing a term paper, or anything else. Cheating is obviously done in a number of ways and students have found a variety of ways to cheat over the years; whether we like to believe it or not, people even close to you cheat every so often. Plagiarism is also a form of cheating. The actual definition for cheating is “an act of lying, deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition.” So obviously when you are doing something that gives you the advantage of something and more than likely takes it away from others is cheating. Copyright infringement is basically the same thing as plagiarism, but the owner of whatever it is that you are stealing as a copyright or license over the material. Copyright infringement is highly frowned upon and is also something that can put you away for
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