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Goal Action Plan Career: Human Resource Management Goal: To get my degree Type of Goal: Professional - Long Term Goal Purpose of Goal: I will be able to help underprivileged families, and possibly have a No Kill Shelter for abused, abandoned, or neglected animals Major Benefit to Me: Having the feeling of self worth, knowing I am able to help people in need, also helping animals in need, also I will be able to provide for my children much better Benefit to Others: I will have the knowledge to give people the resources they need to help themselves, to write up grants and/or proposals to get the funding to help people and animals Barriers: Taking classes takes time away from my children
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Unformatted text preview: Solutions: Set specific times and days to only focus on my children with out having to worry about getting an assignment done Action Milestones: S. Pass my classes with 90 percent or better M. Work hard, study daily, do required assignments on time A. I have family support, and the intelligence R. I am mentally prepared, and have intelligence to understand the material T. I give myself enough time daily to study Overall Target Date: Approximately 2 years from first day of school (4-19-2010) to get my Associates Degree, then following that another 2 years to get my Bachelors Degree, around April 2014...
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