Thesis Statements - for merge

Thesis Statements - for merge - A statement A photo-radar...

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Thesis Statements Effective or Ineffective Rationale The federal government must solve the housing crisis. Ineffective Too broad, vague, or general The federal government must address the current housing crisis by freezing subprime mortgage rates to allow the housing market to recover. Effective Specific This essay talks about gender equity. Ineffective An announcement Because men earn significantly more than women, employers must narrow the earning gap between genders. Effective May be agreed upon or argued I believe the media hurt young girls’ self-esteem by always portraying women as beautiful and thin. Ineffective Written in first- person point of view When the media portray women as beautiful and thin, young girls’ self- esteem suffers. Effective Written in third- person point of view Does the recent ban on smoking in public discriminate against smokers? Ineffective A question The recent ban on smoking in public discriminates against those who smoke. Effective
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Unformatted text preview: A statement A photo-radar camera on the corner of Main Street and 33rd Avenue in Phoenix must be installed. Ineffective Too narrow Photo-radar cameras must be installed in highly congested traffic areas. Effective Broader The Iraq war has been expensive. Ineffective A fact The Iraq war has not been cost-effective in terms of human life or monetary expenditures. Effective A supportable opinion Movie moguls do not care about making family films. Ineffective An exaggeration Diminishing movie revenues could be bolstered by producing more family films. Effective A reasonable point The benefits of online learning. Ineffective Incomplete sentence Online learning provides numerous benefits to adult learners. Effective Complete sentence Sections Paragraphs Introduction (thesis statement) Paragraph 1 Body Paragraphs 2-4 (support for thesis statement) Conclusion (restatement of thesis statement) Paragraph 5...
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Thesis Statements - for merge - A statement A photo-radar...

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