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Circle of Support Closest Circle: Mom, My children BobbieLyn, Dylan, Trevor, Lincoln ,My Husband Steve, My best friend Heather, Part of Your Network: Dad, My 2 brothers Rickie and Billie, My sisters Hannah, Ciara, Heather , My step children Kaia and Colton, My Ex Father in law Gary Institutional Supports: All the Staff at Humane Society of the Ochocos where I volunteer, My son Trevors friend parents Ryan and Elizabeth, Which of these people will have the most influence on your success in college? Why? My mom has the most influence on my success; she gives me all the encouragement and motivation any one person needs to succeed. She tells me on a daily basis how proud of me she is. With my moms support I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. How can the people in your closest circle help keep you motivated throughout
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Unformatted text preview: your college career? The people in my closest circle are my family, they remind me daily why I am in school and how intelligent I am, and so I can continue down my path towards success. How can the people in your outer circle help keep you motivated throughout your college career? I see the things that the people in my outer circle are doing, and how successful they are and doing what they love. Although I do not see or talk to these people on a daily basis I know that they want me to accomplish my goals and succeed as they have. The support of everyone is definitely my biggest motivation; it would be much more difficult if I did not have all the support that I am so lucky to have...
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