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CommunicationStyle - Also if I am talking with a stranger I...

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The term “Communication Style” can mean a variety of things to different people. I believe that it is just the numerous ways you talk to certain people. For example, you would not talk to your boss the same way you talk to your best friend or your daughter. Usually when I’m talking to someone of a higher authority than I, I will use a more intelligent way of speaking. I articulate a lot more and I am very precise about the things that I am saying; I choose my words carefully. With someone that is just a friend, I tend to use slang terms and I am more easygoing.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, if I am talking with a stranger I am polite and open minded about the things they say because I do not know them. This also makes me listen more inventively because I am trying to learn something about them. These examples explain why academic and casual communication are different. When you are casually conversing with someone you are a lot more comfortable than if you were talking to a professor about your assignments because you feel like it is less formal....
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