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Something to think about wk3 - reasons. An example of this...

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Communication skills are important for everyone to have whether or not they are being used for understanding diversity of cultures or other people. There are many types of cultures, and so many different people in the world, which is the biggest reason why communication is so important. For example, in some cultures making eye contact is taken into offense rather than it being proper etiquette. Knowing how to speak to people is crucial you should be able to read their body language to know if they are happy, angry, or any other emotion. Communication skills will help with your personal relationships for a number of
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Unformatted text preview: reasons. An example of this would be if you were fighting with your spouse; they could tell you that nothing is bothering them when they are actually holding in a lot of things that have been wrong with them, which could end in big fight or even divorce. Communication in this situation is important, for one, you would know your spouse was lying to you about not being okay, and two, you would have valuable communication skills which you could then use to resolve the problems you are having with your spouse. These are only a few reasons why having proper communication skills is essential....
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