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Something to think about wk6 - accomplish what needs to be...

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I think that the basic fundamentals of academic teamwork are obviously a group of people or a team working together to achieve a common goal. Each person in the team does a specific thing to help accomplish what needs to be done. Obviously teamwork can be used for every single thing in the world, but different types of teamwork are necessary in different situations. When in an academic setting students usually work together to do a project or assignment that their teacher assigned them to do. When in a professional setting the employer or boss expects its employees to form groups to organize events or presentations and the employees have to work together to
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Unformatted text preview: accomplish what needs to be done. Academic and professional teamwork are both important because we need to know how to functionally work with other people to accomplish things whether we want to work with these people or not. In school we usually learn how to properly work with other people to get things done and then we take this to our profession and use it. There are some things in any daily situation that cannot be done alone, which is another reason why teamwork is important, academically and professionally....
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