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1. Assignment: Learning Inventory Read Ch. 4 of Your College Experience . Take the VARK Learning Styles Inventory on pp. 56-59. Take the Multiple Intelligence Inventory on pp. 66-68. Answer the following questions within 200-300 words: 1. Based on the descriptions in the text, where do you see yourself on the Kolb Inventory? When reading the Kolb Inventory I learned about myself that I am a diverger. The basic characteristics of a diverger are reflecting on any situation from many different viewpoints, excelling at brainstorming, being very imaginative, being people oriented, sometimes emotional, and having difficulty making decisions. Divergers also tend to major in humanities or the social sciences. I know that I am a diverger because although I look at things from every point of view, I have a very hard time making a decision. I believe that this is where the brainstorming and imagination comes in because I will sit and brainstorm the possibilities of what something could be. I am also majoring in humanities which is another reason I feel like I belong in this group. I also have many characteristics of an accommodator. In this group people usually rely on their intuition and use trial and error to solve a problem rather than using logic. An accommodator is also socially oriented but can be pushy and impatient with people sometimes. I know that it is important to adapt to every strength in the Kolb Inventory, and I think I have a great start because I am naturally in two of them. 2. After reading about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, determine which personality is most like you (e.g. ENTJ). After reading the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator the personality most like me is
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week 6 assignment - 1 Assignment Learning Inventory Read Ch...

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