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wk5everyone - working on a big project or something...

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I do allow myself downtime everyday because I think that it is something important for every person. It does help you maintain your productivity because if you never allow yourself to have some time to yourself or a time when you are basically just being lazy, you will only be thinking about how well you need to do with your school work or other important things in your life which will cause you to become stressed out and you will end up doing your work to an inadequate quality. Even if you are not
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Unformatted text preview: working on a big project or something extremely important, you still need time to be alone and think about whatever is running through your mind. I believe that it is a nice time to let go of your stresses and find your calming center. Downtime to me is crucial because it helps everyone stay sane. You can find yourself or let go of your thoughts when you have a time daily that you are not worrying about things....
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