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DQ2 scavenger hunt answer - the braces, using the PEMDAS...

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So what I can see as far as the “Scavenger Hunt” In Chapter 1 for all three, page 22 for the parentheses, page 39 for brackets, and page 68 for braces. If there are several sets of groupings, you start with the parentheses, using the PEMDAS rule, then you use the brackets, again using PEMDAS rule and finally you use
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Unformatted text preview: the braces, using the PEMDAS rule. Here is an example of using all three. {[3(12 + 4) + 24] 3} = ? Solution; {[3(16) +24] 3} {[3x16+24] 3} {[48+24] 3} {[72] 3} {24} {[3(12+4)+24]3}=24...
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